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Our Services

1. IoT Architecture


Devices/Things: Physical devices equipped with sensors and actuators to collect and send data.
Edge Devices/Gateways: Intermediate devices for data preprocessing, reducing latency, and filtering data before sending it to the cloud.
Azure IoT Hub: Centralized hub for bi-directional communication between IoT applications and the devices it manages.
Azure IoT Edge: Extends IoT capabilities to edge devices, enabling local data processing and analytics.
Azure Stream Analytics: Real-time analytics for processing and analyzing streaming data from IoT devices.
Azure Time Series Insights: Stores, queries, and visualizes time-series data generated by IoT devices.
Azure Functions: Serverless compute service for event-driven IoT applications.
Azure IoT Central: Fully managed IoT app platform for building scalable and connected solutions.

Key Features:

Scalability: Easily scale up or down based on the number of connected devices.
Security: End-to-end security with device authentication and data encryption.
Real-time Analytics: Process and analyze data in real-time for actionable insights.
Edge Processing: Utilize edge devices for local data processing and reduced latency.
Device Management: Centralized management and monitoring of connected devices.

Data Modeling:

Azure Data Lake Storage:
• Organize data in a hierarchical structure for efficient storage and retrieval.
• Supports diverse data types including structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data.
• Fine-grained access control for data security.

Azure Synapse Analytics:
• Unified analytics service for data warehousing and big data processing.
• Analyze structured and unstructured data for business intelligence and reporting.
• On-demand or provisioned resources for flexible scaling.

Data Engineering Offering:

Azure Data Factory:
• Cloud-based data integration service for creating, scheduling, and managing data pipelines.
• ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) capabilities for seamless data movement.
• Integration with various data sources and destinations.

Azure Databricks:
• Apache Spark-based analytics platform for big data and machine learning.
• Collaborative environment for data engineering and analytics.
• Easily build and deploy data pipelines.

Azure SQL Database:
• Fully managed relational database service for online transaction processing (OLTP).
• Supports structured data storage and retrieval.
• High availability and scalability.

Display on IT Company Portal:
IoT Solutions: Overview of IoT architecture showcasing components and key features. Use cases and success stories of implemented IoT solutions.
Data Modeling: Introduction to Azure Data Lake Storage and Synapse Analytics. Benefits of structured and organized data for analytics.
Data Engineering Services: Detailed information on Azure Data Factory, Databricks, and SQL Database. Showcase past projects, demonstrating successful data engineering implementations.
Client Testimonials: Feedback and testimonials from clients who have benefited from IoT, data modeling, and data engineering solutions.
Case Studies: In-depth case studies illustrating challenges, solutions, and outcomes for specific projects.
Request a Consultation: Call-to-action for potential clients to inquire about personalized IoT, data modeling, and data engineering solutions.


Our work experience spans across segments like FMCG, Beauty & grooming, food & beverages, snacks, cafe & restaurant, salon, media & entertainment, real estate, construction & infrastructure, healthcare, agriculture, software development, candy & confectionery, event, jewelry, power, and engineering. We closely work with our partners to fully understand the branding expectations, the objectives and differential factors with strategy to connect to their target audiences.

Digital Marketing

With strategic planning we ensure that your brand and branded contents gets increased number of exposures over Social Media i.e. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest & LinkedIn.
We design inbound marketing strategies ensure that your branded content reaches to millions of people. We also help you in multiplying your fan base using e-mails campaign, SEO and online advertising.

Brand Identity & Promotion

Logical Mind Solutions is a strategic branding and design company which provides end-to-end brand consultancy, advertising and designing solutions and services through a blend of data, strategy, creativity with advanced technology.

We create brand experiences with our strengths mainly in :

• Logo design
• Packaging design
• Brochure design
• Point-of-sale promotion
• Website content & designing
• Advertisement campaigns across print
• Digital and radio including newspaper & magazine ads
• Hoardings
• Pole kiosks
• Digital banners
• Radio activations

Creative solutions

Brand Mascot Creation

A mascot is an integral part of any company's branding strategy and its scope is not limited to a design or illustration. Mascots are like virtual brand ambassadors, depicting the brand values and identity. Creating mascot characters demands a creative and expert team of visualizers, designers, and marketers. Logical Mind Solutions will help their clients to create virtual brand mascot as a celebrity brand ambassador for the promotion on various media.

Ambiance Design | Interior Design | 2D/3D Design

Every space exudes a distinct aura that has a definite impact on the people who live and work there.
we provide personalized services that make the place vibrant and self-explanatory be it office space, cafe, restaurant, retail store, or any other commercial space.
At Logical Mind Solutions, we have capabilities, resources, and proficiency to create designs that reflect in persona of the space.

Contents Management

We help organization to develop the contents and #Tags. As a part content marketing, we focus heavily on content strategy, developing contents related to your business. Contents in various languages which attracts the local customers, informs & engages them, answers their queries to build trusted brand

Video Marketing

Video creation is the strategic balance of art and technology in accordance with the objectives. Being a creative video marketing company, we help in developing high-quality videos that are result oriented and help you reach target audience through various digital platforms. To help you achieve your business goals and in depth understanding of business objectives, we execute our primary and secondary research to develop a story board and audio-visual piece with the options of Corporate | Advertisement | Promotional | 360 Virtual Tour Videos.

Website Design & Development

We take ownership of end-to-end designing & development of your website. We also provide the services for website content writing. The focus is to develop websites that look not only eye-catchy but also provide smooth functionality while enhancing the experience across multiple screens and meeting brand objectives. We stay updated with contemporary trends and tools and create a website which is responsive, interactive, user-friendly and exciting to navigate.

Events Planning Management

We provide end-to-end exhibition stall design solutions. To provide personalized solutions, we start execution only after thoroughly understanding the brief, product, service, objectives, and target audience.

Exhibitions Stall Designing / Events Management

We provide end-to-end exhibition stall design solutions. To provide personalized solutions, we start execution only after thoroughly understanding the brief, product, service, objectives, and target audience.
We help you in providing 360-degree exhibition experience for the events and exhibitions which is one of the most important marketing activities to generate maximum potential leads and helps to expand the business network. While providing 360-degree exhibition solutions, we create unique concepts and tailored designs that create extraordinary business experiences for exhibitors and visitors.


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